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Where Do Astral Parasites Come From?

Last updated on March 24, 2023

I was asked a while back where astral parasites come from, and this is a more important question than many of us might realize. Before we get into that though, let’s briefly recap what an astral parasite is, just in case this is your first time learning about them.

An astral parasite will act much the same as a physical parasite. That means that it will feed on the body that it is attached to. A parasitic connection is one which is very vampiric in nature, and purely a one sided relationship where the parasite is taking and taking. Also, just as you can become infested with physical parasites, you can also become infested with astral parasites. In most cases this is not going to cause you severe harm, but if left unchecked, it can cause a weakening of your energy bodies and lead to severe illness. The reason being that the energy body which we may call the etheric body is somewhat of a blueprint to the physical energy body. When something affects the etheric body, it will eventually bleed through to the physical body and you will notice the physical effects. This is why healing the etheric body is so important when attempting to heal the physical body.

So back to the question, where do they come from? A variety of places really, but they all have one thing in common, they are lower energy bodies which only have one purpose, to feed off energy in order to live, and that energy is usually of the same signature as what they are made up of, that being lower energy, i.e. negative emotions, fear, anger, pain, anxiety, depression. Because of this, they will work at causing such negativity within you in order to get the food source they so desire. Are they evil? Some would say so, but they are merely entities that are trying to exist, just like all of us, and so they are simply doing what they were made to do. Do we have to put up with them? Of course not. Just like you would take medication to releive yourself of a parasite in your body, you would want to remove the astral parasites for the same reason, they don’t bring you anything good.

I went off track again, so back to the question once more, where do these oogy boogies come from? Everywhere. In some cases they could be from the astral environments and for some people, especially those who have strong mediumistic abilities which they have just started to discover and not sure how it all works, such people will open Gates to these astral environments and the parasites on the other side will be attracted to them, pass through and start reaking havoc. In this case you should learn how to recognize the manner in which you are opening the Gates, and learn how to close them. Seeking someone else to do this for you usually doesn’t work, or at least it will only be temporary. If you are opening Gates unconsciously, then they will just keep opening, no matter how many someone else closes. If you are someone who just happened to pick one of these nasties up from someone elses opening a Gate then you can get a healer to remove it. You should also do cleansing work to remove the parasites from your energy body. In some cases they look like very large leeches or worms. One of the best methods to get rid of them is to raise your own energy vibration with the use of banishing rituals. The banishing is not simply to push away the negative energies, it is to raise your own so that those lower vibrations can’t remain in your space.

In other cases, they could be thoughtforms that someone has sent your way. This could be on purpose or a compeltely unconscious act. This could be someone who has ill will toward you and may just think something rather nasty with strong emotions behind the thought, inadvertently creating a thoughtform that attaches to you and starts to feed off your energy. Some will purposely create these entities to come after you. How you deal with this can vary. For instance in the case of the purposeful act you can create a Witch Bottle to trap the energies and cause harm to the sender. In the case of the unconscious act of someone who is just jealous or angry with you, just cleanse yourself and let the person simmer in their own negative energies because its not just you that their emotions affect. Cleansing in this instance could be banishing, but you can also do an energy cleanse or a spiritual bath.

Now, where I believe most of these astral parasites come from is simply the negative emotions and thoughts that people have on a daily basis. Picture a busy square where people are walking around going to their jobs, to a shop or restaurant, to catch their trasport, or on their way home.

Some of them are happy. Maybe they are in love or they just got some good news, and they have smiles on their faces. They are easy to spot, they seem lighter and brighter, they have a slight spring in their step and they seem to walk slightly faster with their back up straight and chest puffed out. The energy they put out is high in vibration, it feels good and healthy.

Some are angry. They also move quite fast but their shoulders are slumped. They have a scowl or are near to tears. The emotions they feel are severe and it is is spikey and sharp, like electircity that is flashing off them.

Some of the people are not happy, they are not anything, they are just going through their day to day drudge. These people are not moving as fast, almost dragging their feet along. They feel like sludge and the energy they give off is heavy and oppressive. This is the energy that causes astral parasites. As it falls off them it it is sticky, and if it comes with negative thoughts, it will start to think like a thoughtform. Once it has been shed from these people it will need to find a source of food so that it can live. It might follow the person because that’s an easy source of food, they are already in a slump so to make them even more depressed is a simple task. Some may go off to find other sources of food, and being in a crowded square, that can’t be that difficult.

Maybe get a hold of one of the people who are angry and upset as although that is a very spikey energy, it is still filled with some negativity. After the person calms down from their anger, they will also expend a lot of adrenaline which means they will be temporaily weakened. Easy entrance.

Trying to get a hold on one of the happy people however, not so easy. They are gliding through the world, and their energy is slippery to the lower energy. Best to just ignore them, they won’t be of any use.

Now, think of our world today. Take a walk around a mall or a square and see how many people are just going through the day to day. How many are glued to their phones? Not that this will always bring on a state of lethargy, but it can often lead to it, forgetting the world around them, and being taken into the computer more and more. This may activate the mind (although in most cases it dulls the mind), but it can leave the body wanting. More and more people are just getting up in the morning, eating their breakfast, brushing their teeth, going to work, doing their 9 to 5, coming home, watching the TV or scrolling through social media until it is time to go to bed and repeat the same thing over and over. More people are forgetting how to live, and that doesn’t necessarily mean travelling or getting out of the house (although it helps, this coming from a hermit). It can mean finding something that creates passion in you, even if it is something small and simple. If it is creating passion, it will raise your vibration, you will not be stuck in the gloom and you will find more of a spring in your step and not the dragging of the feet, leaving sludge in your wake.

Easier said than done you might say. Sure, I’ve been there. Going through the day to day waiting for the day I die with no passion or purpose. I know what its like and we can so easily fall into it. But its not impossible to get yourself out of it. You just have take a step and then another, and don’t let those steps stop, even if you take a few backwards, remember to move forward again at some point. If you need to seek professional help from a therapist, then do so. Don’t hold back, take action, and don’t think you are weak, you are not. You may be a weakened state, but that doesn’t make you weak.

Practices that will raise vibration also help. Because we are stuck in the constant slump, we don’t know which way to go in order to get out of it. So, do meditation, take a class in yoga, tai chi or chi gong and do it daily. Learn a banishing technique. Take a shower before sunrise (or before 6am if your sunrise is after that time). Start to introduce daily practices that will begin to raise your vibration and you will start to see a roadsign pointing the way. It won’t be immediate, but if you keep it up, you will find it.

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