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Skrying Adjustment

On Monday evening I experimented with some skrying. I like to use a black bowl with water. This evening I used the water I collected from the river.

I cast the Daemonic Elemental Circle with the Ploughing of the Bloody Acre (been getting a push to use more a Trad Craft format in these practices). I then sat in the centre with the bowl on my manifestation board (I will add a photo here, but it is a round board with an enneagram. This forms a triangle with three points which are assigned to three of the Daemonic Divine that deal with Creation, Enlightenment and Destruction, and the remaining six points for the remaining Daemonic Divinities), the bowl in the middle of the triangle. I was facing West which means that I was facing my large mirror (a mirror I have been building up as a Portal mirror, which is covered by a red blanket when not in use). The candles to either side of the mirror were lit. I also had a third candle to the right of me which got distracting so I blew that one out.

I decided to ask Hekate to aid in the skrying and after a short while got told to remove the blanket from the mirror. This was a very interesting effect. It meant that I was sitting in front of the mirror with the bowl and triangle between myself and the mirror, therefore the reflection was the bowl and triangle and myself. It felt like a double doorway. I gazed at the bowl in the mirror reflection for a while and then gazed at it on my side.

The effects were a lot more enhanced. I didn’t get any visions, I was really aiming for that, but the smoky clouds that form when skrying were there almost immediately without even going into a trance state.

Will definitely be doing more of this and developing it further.

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