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Opening the Elemental Gates

This is the basic Rite for the Opening of the Elemental Gates. This will form the foundation of future experiments. Space required can be as tight as 2m square. Better to work in about 3m square for better movement.

  1. Open the standard five point Elemental Circle. Incorporate the DZ symbol at each point, followed by the exaggerated above/below sweep as mentioned by Connolly, sweeping down to bow head and kneel on one knee, vibrate enn. Move with the Sun. You should feel a shift in energy as you bring awareness to the Kings and Gates.
  2. Circumambulate a minimum of three times (with the Sun). Sing or vibrate the five Elements and Kings, i.e. sing Renich Lucifer, Ganic Flereous, Jaden Leviathan, Lirach Belial, Ave Satanis. Repeat until you have finished the circumambulations. You can either point hand at boundary of circle space and draw the Circle whilst doing this, or drag a staff to define the boundary. Another method is to drag the left (or right foot if in northern hemisphere) as you would whilst Ploughing the Bloody Acre. This will get the energy flowing and circling in the space.
  3. (Possible inclusion of Fire, Water and Salt consecration, etc. here. Will experiment)
  4. Open necessary Gates*:
    1. With dagger in hand stand before the Gate. Spread arms out in welcome and say: “Hail to the Mighty Lord of [Element]! Open your Gates before me! [Recite Enn]! Arise!”**
    2. Draw the dagger from above in a straight line down to the floor. As you do this feel the fabric of space and time being torn open. You may feel resistance as you cut through. You may also feel a burst of the Element come through (burst of wind with Air, sudden flow of heat with Fire, etc.).
    3. Stand again. Place hands with palms touching in front of the body, pointing your fingers in the direction of the Gate. Push them through the rip that you have just created and move your palms apart to open the rip.
  5. Close Gate (never forget to close the Gates you have opened):
    1. Stand before the Gate. Spread arms out to sides at shoulder level and bring palms together in front of you as you close the rip, bring it together. Then take dagger and seal the rip by drawing the blade along the rip from floor to top, sealing it with a purple, violet, white, gold (you choose) light.
    2. Spread arms out and say: “Thank you Mighty Lord of [Element]. Close the Gates that none may enter this earthly plane. Go in peace.”**

*Depending on work being done. This could be a single Gate to add the raw Elemental energy to the Working, or all seven Gates such as in the creation of a servitor/elemental/fetch/familiar. In this instance open Earth for body, Water for blood, Air for breath, Fire to forge, then Spirit, followed by Gate of Creation and Gate of Life. This will also extend into further Gate Opening work which may incorporate the Gate Keepers and Daemons as well as the Elements.

**From Connolly, Infernal Colopatiron.

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