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HGA et al

K&C with the HGA (Knowledge & Conversation with the HGA) is found in just about every spiritual path. In the Greek Magical Papyri it speaks of the “personal daimon” which is contacted before the work with the HGA. This is very much the bringing together of the lower and higher, uniting of Shakti and Shiva, the marriage to the Fetch Mate or Fae Companion, union of the Drake and Crown. It is found in Kundalini Yoga with the stirring of the Serpent in the Root (possibly the Red Serpent of Trad Craft) and moving the energy up the central channel (World Tree, Axis Mundi, Shiva Linga) into the head and then pushing beyond to unite with Pure Consciousness (Shiva). Many ways to reach the HGA. Not sure why we feel we need to focus so much on Abramelin and Crowley for this.

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