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Gate Opening Intro

Some of what I will be exploring in the near future and therefore recorded in this Journal, will be the practice of Gate Opening. I will begin with the exploration of this technique within the constructs of Daemonic Magick, but will also explore a variety of other traditions, especially opening the Gates to the sephirah upon the Kabbalistic Tree. I will also take each traditional and corresponding practice from the beginning.

Gate Opening is primarily the technique of opening portals to “other” Worlds. I don’t think we can consider the different Realms or Worlds to be located somewhere other. In other words, when we speak of the Underworld or the Lowerworld, this still exists within our physical or organic world, this “physical” construct that we interact with every day. We can also call these Other Realms the Innerworlds, and you may find in a lot of cases we go within or into ourselves, into the Inner Temple within, in order to access them. It is the macrocosm/microcosm idea.

This will become quite apparent when we explore the Kabbalistic methods and the Merkabah. We will even find the process of moving within when exploring Shamanic methods. However there are some techniques which use portal or Gate opening methods that are bringing the Worlds together within a physical space. In the parameters of Daemonic Magick we would be opening the Gates in a working space in order to bring the energies of the Realms in so that we can charge a sigil, create a servitor, perform a healing, the list could go on, but also for skrying and theophany.

The reason we would want to open such Gates is to bring in the full force and raw power of the energies. When we do a standard evocation or invocation and draw in the energies of the Daemonic, we are working with a sort of watered down energy. It is potent and it is powerful, and it gets the job done, but it is not the raw potential of what we could be using. We open the Gates to draw on that potential and raw power, in order to enhance our magicks.

This really is about bring the Worlds or Realms together. However they are already together, we are really bringing awareness to them so that they can co-exist in our consciousness. I’m sure there is much more succinct way of explaining that, and when I come up with a better way of describing it, I will let you know, but for now, I think you get the picture.

Please note that this is all Advanced Magick, and if you are interested in exploring the methods and techniques discussed, it is assumed you have the foundational practices and have been working your Craft long enough to know that this is something you can take on. I won’t be explaining the basic details.

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