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Basic Daemon Gates

When we look at the patterns for Gate Opening, they are often a line, stepping through one Gate to the next until we reach the final Gate, or drawing in raw energy through the gates and directing it to the Focal Point at the opposite end to what is an avenue of Gates. I have decided to incorporate this into the basic Circle format of the Nine Daemonic Divinities. I will then extend from there and develop the system further.

So, this forms the basic format and pattern. It will be based, as mentioned, on the nine Gates and will be a seven Gate system. On one side are the destructive forces, and on the other the creative forces (see compass rose below). This will mean that when wanting to do something like charge a sigil, create a servitor, charge an amulet, etc. this will be placed in the centre where the Spirit Gate is opened, then the five Elemental Gates will be opened one by one, directing the energy to the Focal point, followed by either opening the destructive Gates (Gates of Death and Destruction) for baneful magics or anything that requires removal, release, etc. or opening the creative Gates (Gates of Life and Creation) for constructive, healing, manifesting forms of magic.

Also bear in mind that I am in the southern hemisphere, so the positions on the North and South sides are switched to follow the sunwise direction.

The Daemonic Gates – Compass Rose

This entry is to show the positions of the Gates. In the next entry I will explain the ritual method used to open the Elemental Gates.

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